Dear All:


I hope this email finds you in warmth and all is well with you

I am in a group show, "The 2010 Winter Salon - In Synthesis" at Elga Wimmer PCC

(526 West 26th street, #310, NY, NY, 10001: map)
The opening is today, and the exhibition continues until Jan 22nd 2011: The detailed information is below
I will be in chelsea between 4-6 this afternoon; please let me know if you are around at 6467321737

I am also a PDF file of an article that I am featured along with other artists from new york in the City Pictorial Magazine published in Beijing, China, in November 2010

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Zaun Lee



The 2010 Winter Salon - In Synthesis


December 11th 2010 through January 22nd 2011
Curated by Björn Ressle and Hee Yuen Chun
Elga Wimmer PCC, 526 West 26 street, #310, New York, NY 10001Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11am until 6pm.
Björn Ressle Art Project is pleased to present 2010 Winter Salon – In Synthesis, an exhibition of over fifty selected artists. Inspired by salon-style hanging, most commonly attributed to the Salon de Paris held during the 18th and 19th centuries, the show intends to provide patrons of the arts with an inviting, intimate viewing experience to initiate a dialogue between artists, their work and the viewer. Following the interactive installation of the 2008 Winter Salon at Björn Ressle Gallery, this show pays tribute to the format of a salon hanging and celebrates the tradition that continues to render expositions of a large numbers of artists and an even larger numbers of works.
By utilizing the maximum floor-to-ceiling gallery space, The 2010 Winter Salon activates the wall with artworks in various media by artists, each of whom offer a unique perspective to the show. Established, innovative and emerging artists have contributed a body of nearly one hundred fifty works of art reflecting an impressive range of theories, generations, styles and distinctive visual expression.
In order to synthesize numerous languages spoken through various artistic disciplines, the two long walls in parallel are carefully installed to create dialogue in the spatial order. The 2010 Winter Salon – In Synthesis allows the viewer access to some of the past and current pivotal artistic ideas while introducing newer talent, to generate fresh creative energy through unexpected juxtapositions.
Artists represented:
Ok Hyun Ahn, Lawrence Anastasi, William Anastasi, Carl Andre, Stuart Arends, Chan Hyo Bae, Robert Barry, Larry Bell, Joseph Beuys, Dove Bradshaw, John Cage, John Chamberlain, Jinkee Choi, Mark DeMuro, Linda DiGusta, Robert G. Edelman, Jacob El Hanani, Ron Gorchov, Jene Highstein, Gary Hill, David Hockney, Sook Jin Jo, Neil Jenney, Alex Katz, Linda Karshan, Miru Kim, Songyi Kim, Sol Kjok, Tadaaki Kuwayama, Kakyoung Lee, Zaun Lee, Sol LeWitt, Robert Mangold, Robert C. Morgan, Andy Moses, Gerard Mossé, Rakuko Naito, Dennis Oppenheim, Pim Palsgraaf, Keun Young Park, George Quasha, Robert Rauschenberg, Lovisa Ringborg, Dorothea Rockburne, Cordy Ryman, Ethan Ryman, Robert Ryman, Will Ryman, Fred Sandback, Anne Senstad, Howard Smith, Maxwell Stevens, Yuken Teruya, Cy Twombly, Ali Van, Bernar Venet, Merrill Wagner, Joan Waltemath, Marjorie Welish, Mark Wiener, Leah Yerpe, Mark Zimmermann
Highlighting the drive of young talents; Ok Hyun Ahn’s new video and photographic series are on display in the project room. In Ok Hyun’s highly expressive video, Ma Non Troppo (But Not Too Much), 2010, bits of humor are skillfully intertwined into a dramatic sequence through the use of ephemeral stereotypes in today’s media. Her series of intimate photographs of people crying are framed to give a greater spatial isolation of each person and subtly guide our attention to their tears. A slight confusion between real versus stages is successfully captured in the frame.
Björn Ressle 212 470 0053 and Hee Yuen Chun 626 905 5009 or Elga Wimmer PCC 212 206 0006